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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Our live cassette is out now. You can order it here.

Drew & Hannah really outdid themselves with this release. All of the artwork was letter pressed. The cover art was cut out of a linoleum block by hand and the text was set by hand on lead type. I don’t know about you, but I really think its awesome when people go to so much effort to do something well. We could not be more stoked about how this came out. Go check out Tape Deco & Good Books. ORDER A COPY!

Here are some photos of the tapes:


So our friend Drew is putting out a cassette of our live set from last year’s Memphis Hates You Fest on his Tape Deco label.  He and his girlfriend Hannah are going out of their way to make this a really badass release.  The artwork is all going to be screen printed/letter pressed and it looks awesome.  These are limited to 50 copies.  You can check out some photos and info of the printing process on Good Books.  More info about where you can order the tape soon…

We are doing a very short tour in May, if you can even call it that. Here are the dates:

5/26 – Nashville
5/27 – Athens
5/28 – Gainesville
5/29 – Birmingham
5/30 – Memphis @ Hi-Tone (Memphis Hates You Fest)

Most of the dates are still in the works, but if you can help out with a show/place to stay get in touch with us.

Also, we started recording some new shit last week for upcoming 7″s.  The music is done, we’ll be doing vocals soon.  It sounds great from what I’ve heard so far.